Futurebirds w/ The Brock Gleeson Band

26August , 2018
Futurebirds w/ The Brock Gleeson Band
Sunday August 26, 2018 @5pm Teton Village, WY


with guest The Brock Gleeson Band



Futurebirds: The music is a patchwork amalgam of influences, including: twangy Southern rock (they’ve opened for the Drive-By Truckers), reverb-soaked psychedelia reminiscent of early My Morning Jacket or fellow Athens residents Phosphorescent, soaring guitar solos à la Neil Young and Crazy Horse, rhythmic jangle from that other Athens band, REM, multi-part vocal harmonies (which every band ought to have, dammit), and, weaving through it all, lyrical slide guitar. – Vox.com

The Brock Gleeson Band: The Brock Gleeson Band creates an energetic country rock that’s a blend of Jason Isbell’s wordplay and Sugarland’s energy. They position themselves as Nashville country, but (except for a few songs here and there) they’re a lot more outlaw country, and the band’s new album ‘Wyoming’ is a great slice of Americana.