Ben Taylor with Holy Ghost Tent Revival

4August , 2013
Ben Taylor with Holy Ghost Tent Revival
Sunday, August 4 at 5pm Teton Village, Wyoming

Ben Taylor

Opening Band: Holy Ghost Tent Revival

Ben Taylor listens and thinks. A lot. In fact, the word Word is something Ben mulls over daily. It is, when you think about it, the only word that IS what it means. The meaning of word connects us – in any language – and this idea of communication is very important to Ben, as is the paradox of an individuated consciousness (think: ego) versus collective unconscious, that which unifies us all (happiness, fear, hate, love). Heavy? Not really, just a part of the ever evolving, highly intelligent, vulnerable, loving brain of Ben Taylor, musician, son, brother, friend and deep believer.

Ben Taylor, son of James Taylor, has been his own toughest critic, but has forged a career to create a dynamic sound and style. He flawlessly fuses folk, pop, soul, urban, reggae and country in his latest album, Listening, Ben’s writing is a beautiful piece of abstract story-telling, as the songs encourage the listener to find their own meaning in his words.