Analog Son // and // Sonny Knight and the Lakers

7August , 2016
Analog Son // and //  Sonny Knight and the Lakers
Sunday, August 7 at 5:00pm Teton Village

Analog Son // and // Sonny Knight and the Lakers

Analog Son

After 17 years of musical camaraderie, Jordan Linit and Josh Fairman have created Analog Son. Based around a studio project involving The Shady Horns (Lettuce, Soulive), Joe Tatton (The New Mastersounds), Ivan Neville (Dumpstaphunk) and Joey Porter (The Motet/Juno What?!) as well as some of Denver’s finest local talent (members of Motet, Fox Street All Stars, Kinetix, Rebel Tounge, Devon Parker, Convergence) Analog Son released “Stomp and Shout” Last March to a sold out Bluebird Theater. This funky brainchild was born at Scanhope Sound in fall 2013.

Sonny Knight and the Lakers

Mid-last year Minneapolis based Sonny Knight, a 68 year old retired truck driver, and his band of twenty-something to thirty-something year old musicians released a live double album entitled, Sonny Knight And The Lakers Do It Live. The record is a loving return to the height of live Rhythm and Blues with Knight and his band perfectly capturing the uproarious energy and rebellious musicianship of an era long gone. After releasing Do It Live in June of 2015, they toured hard throughout the proceeding summer and fall. Since then they’ve cut a new studio album (due Sept 2016), collaborated with James Brown alumni Fred Wesley and Jab’o Starks, produced their own live soul revue for Minnesota Public Radio at The Fitzgerald Theater (home of A Prairie Home Companion), and starred in an hour long LIVE TV special for Minnesota’s PBS affiliate station.