Everest, A benefit for the Doug Coombs Foundation

18August , 2013
Everest, A benefit for the Doug Coombs Foundation
Sunday, August 18 at 5pm Teton Village, Wyoming


A benefit for the Doug Coombs Foundation



The LA based band Everest likes the concept of being “ownerless,” hence the name of their latest album.  Ownerless represents a creative freedom and a synergy for this band which formed in 2007 by Russell Pollard. Whether it be slack-jaw stoner riffing or more ghostly, late-night harmonics—Everest works hard to made a great, effortless-sounding rock n’ roll. Only a band that has taken total ownership over their own creative process—would come up with a tracks as classically rocking as “Games” or as off-the-cuff heartbreaking as “Raking Me Over the Coals” or “Far Off, Away.” Such honest musical sentiments are not so easy to come by.

Pollard stated recently about the newest album, “It’s the natural result of years of touring and spending time together. It’s the result of years of late night conversations about what kind of band we want to be and what kind of music we want to step onstage and play every night. It’s the sound of us finally hitting our stride.”