Fruit Bats w/ Stormy Georjan, The Watters

21August , 2016
Fruit Bats w/ Stormy Georjan, The Watters
Sunday, August 21 at 5:00pm Teton Village

Fruit Bats

Opening: Stormy Georjan

Opening: The Watters

Eric D. Johnson is Fruit Bats. 16 years and five successful studio albums which connected him to stints playing with The Shins and Vetiver and Califone. Fruit Bats’ sixth album Absolute Loser represents a triumphant return to name, form, and self. Fruit Bats’ rebirth parallels Johnson’s resiliency, and Absolute Loser is his treaty on how to redefine oneself after tragedy. Although he maintains that he doesn’t have it all figured out quite yet, Johnson acknowledges that with that self-awareness comes some sort of acceptance.