Nahko & The Medicine for the People & Richie Beats

27July , 2014
Nahko & The Medicine for the People & Richie Beats
July 27th, 5pm Teton Village

Nahko and Medicine for the People (Yoga on the Commons)

Opening DJ: Richie Beats

Oregon- native Nahka had a cultural conundrum:  a boy born a mix of Apache, Puerto Rican, and Filipino cultures and adopted into an American family.  But the unifying power of music entered his life as a healing remedy.  He set out to bridge the cultural gaps dividing this own psyche and began producing a public, musical journal of his path toward personal, spiritual and communal healing.  From his hometown of Portland to the shores of Hawaii or Bali, wherever he has traveled, Nahka is joined by a tribe of culturally alienated truth seekers for whom Nahko’s story resonates with their own, and who find redemption in his voice, guitar, flute and drum.  Whether solo or with the dynamic group of musical troubadours know as “Medicine for the People,” Nahko delivers a soulful dose of curative vibrations that moves audiences to dance, laugh and cry.  His “spirited redemption music” speak of scars of cultural wounds, environmental wrongs and social injustices.  His lyrics hold heavy messages, but the load is lightened by agile melodies and driving rhythms that coerce all who bear witness into spirited purifying, movement.