Whitewater Ramble w/ guest The Miller Sisters

30July , 2017
Whitewater Ramble w/ guest The Miller Sisters
Sunday, July 30 at 5:00pm Sunday, July 30 at 5:00pm

Whitewater Ramble

with guest: The Miller Sisters



Whitewater Ramble – Described as “High-Octane Rocky Mountain DanceGrass”, Whitewater Ramble uses a simple recipe to craft it’s sound: start with bluegrass instrumentation, add drums, and finish with a boundary-less approach to grassing-up everything from disco house grooves to roots to Americana. The Colorado-bred quintet combines the elements of mandolin, fiddle, acoustic guitar, upright bass, drums and vocals to explore the musical boundaries of multiple genres and to fuel their own mixture of original music and innovative cover song interpretations. Whether playing an intimate encore, acoustic and unplugged in the crowd, or surfing on top of the upright bass, Whitewater Ramble delivers a powerful and memorable live performance.

The Miller Sisters – High-energy music duo located in the Teton Valley of Wyoming/Idaho playing music in three different groups: The Miller Sisters (acoustic duo), Bootleg Flyer (5-piece folk-rock country soul) and Mandatory Air (7-piece funk groove rock band). The Miller Sisters are a fantastic combination of rockabilly soul, rock & roll, the blues, bluegrass… These soul sisters serve up music in multiple flavors in the mountains and far beyond.